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Movement communicates intention and values. This is true for both
animals and humans. Animals rely on complex movements to
attract mates, escape predation, and find and handle food. In much the
same way, people operate through personal and social cues in daily life. In
the performing arts, choreographers craft narratives using movement as the
vehicle. The subtleties of human movement can be described through Laban
(“Lah-bahn”) Movement Analysis (LMA). In LMA, key qualities of human
movement are represented by symbols (“motifs”) that, arranged in sequence,
clearly describe movements. LMA has rarely been used to describe animal
movement, though. A choreographer/Certified Laban Movement Analyst
and a biologist collaborated, using LMA to record subtleties of a healthy bee
and one infected by pesticides.

Bees in the West
Bees in the West